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Introduction A

March 17, 2011

(this is the wandering, detail-oriented version for detail-oriented Christians.  For the more “popular” version see Introduction B )


the “National Soul” is a new (to me at least) perspective on understanding God’s revealed truth in the bible.

I’ve always taken seriously the idea that the bible is wholly from God, especially the parts that I never understood.  I believe there’s not one part that’s not there for a reason.  Sometimes I’d wonder how much of it we’d even understand at all this side of eternity, or even how much any one person could understand.

As I write this I still don’t really understand it a fraction of what I hope to one day, but I’m starting to get a glimpse of something that seems to keep popping up all over the place in the bible, and I can’t find anyone else talking about it.  I thought I’d better write a book about it.  Maybe this will only end up a booklet.  Anyway, either I’ll only get so far and realize I had it all wrong, or hopefully, make some contribution to some reader’s understanding that will help them see God and their own place in existence more clearly.

I’m a bit reluctant to write this in the sense that I’m compounding a few ideas some would call heterodox (do 3 heterodox stances make one heretical view?), and yet making a firmly orthodox stance too.  In the end, this will probably please neither the right nor the left, but regardless of whether I even finish & publish this, I’m hoping it will plant a seed for people in the middle who will say “this is what I’ve been waiting for  – this makes sense!”

So far I think there are two main components to the idea: 1) the “National Soul” concept, and  2) a constellation of specific “isms”, viewpoints from Christianity, namely Calvinism, Post Millennialism (including partial or orthodox Preterism) and Annihilationism.  In the end I think we’ll end up as well with a different sort of Inclusivism (ed: which I’m now calling Particular Inclusivism).  I’m also 75% leaning towards Physicalism over Dualism. All the “isms” seem to work well together with the National Soul concept.

Wait! Before you write this whole blog off because of all these red flag words, read a little further and hopefully you’ll see some of the nasty “stuffing” attached to these scarecrows come off. Maybe you’ll realize you’ve actually have had issues with “straw-man” concepts and not the real arguments.


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