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Introduction B

December 22, 2011

You are a unique individual.  You are not, however, indivisible, and that is a good thing.

The bible speaks of the human soul and spirit, and this book will pull back the curtains to see the distinction between the two concepts, drawing from both scriptural and commonplace life examples.  For those who are followers of Christ I hope to light up the bible anew for you as passages that used to be unclear will now come into focus, or rather clarify to become the lens through which you will better see God and his will and character.  For those who remain skeptical of the Christian religion, I hope to give you a new perspective that can change for the better how you interact with both your own thoughts and the people around you.

If this book’s lofty ambitions are fulfilled then Christians everywhere will see their own hearts and those around them with new eyes and take hold of their role in shaping history through Christ.  Some former unbelievers will discover evidence that God has actually marked them for His greatness.  Unconvinced non-Christians seeing through Christendom’s recent misguided fumbles will nevertheless begin to understand that what the bible is  actually staying is no reason for alarm nor ridicule, but rather reason to engage along side Christians in our broad areas of mutual concern.

The human heart and mind is such a mystery, even as we experience them every waking moment.  What if we could understand and clearly see how it is that we think and feel and fail and succeed? What if there was an obvious clear model to study so we could stop sabotaging our selves and others and instead become better at loving others the way we were designed to?  There really is a model of the human soul, and it is the biblical nation of Israel and its resurrected body, the Church.

The national soul is the notion that we are to see ourselves not as one indivisible blob of thoughts and feelings, but a little nation inside of ourselves –  one with an indivisible national personality and unchanging characteristics and traits, but also with many different mental/spiritual “citizens”, i.e. thoughts, beliefs and attitudes that ebb and flow like history, sometimes presiding over times of great blessing, and sometimes running the nation (our lives) into the ground.  If we agree to entertain the idea, we certainly have a lot of material to work with: all of human history.  In addition, the Christian will recognize that God has written his thoughts on the subject extensively in the form of the bible. In it He outlines the creation and purpose of Israel, its special place in history, its rescues and successes as well as its horrible mistakes.  I believe that the purpose of all of what was recorded in the bible was not only the obvious shaping of actual history, but also the shaping of our souls, which in turn will shape the soul of our nations.

Next: chapter one – how on earth did I get this idea from the bible?


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