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I’m a healthcare professional with no formal biblical training (as may become obvious ;-)), but a keen interest in how reality (Life, the Universe and Everything) really works. I’m a Christian who considers myself to be an “evangelical” although some reading this may disagree. I believe there are some things seriously wrong with the way modern Christendom interprets and lives out the bible, and I’d like to do my part to correct that by writing this blog.

This is actually my attempt at writing a book about seeing biblical Israel as the model of the human soul and how (if I’m correct) that changes our interpretation of some key bible concepts. I’ve also thought about calling this “Atomic Christianity” for reasons that hopefully will become obvious as you read.  I have a lot of big, unfinished projects, so don’t hold your breath waiting for an actual publication.  I figured it would be good to plunk down some of my ideas, maybe change a few things if commentators change my mind.

Speaking of comments, here’s the deal – if you comment, and in the unlikely event that I actually publish something, I’ll try to give credit to people who’s comments end up in the book.  If you do comment, I’ll take that as indication you’re okay with my using/referring to your stuff.  If you don’t like that, then don’t comment.

Just so you know where I’m coming from, here’s the short list of where I stand in descending order of how firm I am on them: I believe or lean towards Calvinism, preterism (not full or “hyper” preterism), postmillennialism, annihilationism, young earth creationism, inclusivism (not universalism), and maybe physicalism.

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